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Massage Therapy

Oshawa Massage Therapy From Qualified Experts

Looking for massage therapy in Oshawa doesn’t need to be daunting. Therapeutic Streams has an expert team on hand to look after you. Our staff are all trained and experienced. Their number one priority is looking after what ails you and decreasing your pain.

Complete Oshawa Massage Therapy

We use the most innovative and modern massage therapy techniques. Each of these is designed to manipulate soft tissues and the corresponding body joints. Reducing the pain from chronic injury and muscular overuse are two of the end goals.

Many extended healthcare plans will cover theses services. Therapeutic Streams wants to make your appointment as smooth as possible which is why we direct bill most insurance companies. Sometimes insurance companies will require a doctors’ note for coverage of massage therapy. Looking after all the important details is just another one of the benefits that you get from our Oshawa massage therapy services.

We pride ourselves on staying on top of all the latest innovations in the field. That’s why you can book an online meeting by practitioner or by treatment.

There’s lots of advantages to using our industry leading services. For example:

Convenience: Another Advantage We Offer

Convenience is another one of the bonuses that we offer. There’s no need to suffer through discomfort or chronic pain caused by soft tissue injuries. Therapeutic Streams can help.

Why not get in touch with us today? Taking advantage of our patient focused approach is as easy as booking an appointment online. Remember, we’ve won the Readers Choice Award from the Oshawa-Whitby This Week. Excellent Massage Therapy in Oshawa is waiting for you.