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Vestibular Care

Oshawa Vestibular Care That’s Effective

Therapeutic Streams has won several Reader’s Choice Awards. We know our Oshawa Vestibular care is a big part of that. For us, it’s important to look after each patient’s needs with a customized approach.

One of the other aspects we take great pride in is our multi-dimensional approach. This method of treatment is carefully designed to improve your body’s overall functioning while decreasing pain. It’s this kind of comprehensive approach that works best.

All these different factors come together to make each of our services comprehensive and compassionate at the same time.

Vestibular Care in Oshawa Explained

Some of our patients come to us complaining of feeling unsteady or dizzy. We generally point them to this kind of treatment. It’s a safe and effective way to restore your balance and help you lead a full life.

These issues can be caused by a variety of different things. Firstly, the term “vertigo” refers to the sensation of the room spinning around a stationary individual. This form of dizziness is easily corrected due to the vestibular canal reposition maneuver which is painless for the patient. The second form of dizziness is where the patient feels like they are on a boat or the feeling of being unstable even when standing still. This conditions are similar in presentation but are treatment very differently. Dr, Ryan is trained in both treatment styles which can involve repositioning maneuver or eye rehab exercises. Our research has pointed to brain issues, diseases, certain kinds of medication and even inner ear infections and other issues.


Any imbalances in your body can result in vertigo, unsteadiness and a variety of other symptoms. We’ve even seen people suffering from headaches, fatigue and various visual problems.

We tell all our patients how effective chiropractic treatments like this can be. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are either. If you’re suffering from these symptoms or a variety of others, we can help.

Vestibular Care in Oshawa Therapists

Dr. Ryan is extensively trained to treatment all your vestibular needs!

These particular treatments help you if you’re suffering from vertigo. We will work with you to eliminate symptoms. Balance training and other treatments generally help to correct the condition.

Leading a symptom-free life can begin today. Why not book an appointment online with our Oshawa vestibular care with Dr. Ryan right away?