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Therapeutic Ultrasound

Looking for Therapeutic Ultrasound in Oshawa?

Therapeutic Streams has industry leading Oshawa therapeutic ultrasound services. Our first priority is the well-being of each and every patient. We are always striving to find the latest in cutting edge procedures. But that doesn’t mean we turn our back on proven treatments like this one.

Here’s just a few of the things that therapeutic ultrasound in Oshawa can do for you.

Increase Healing Rates

Everyone that’s been injured is looking to get better as quickly as possible. Patients come to us when they’ve been suffering from a wide variety of issues. People who have had surgery rave about how quickly the healing process is sped up by our treatments.

The ultrasound probe that we use is safe and effective. Our therapists are completely trained and have all the credentials that you are looking for. The benefits of this treatment are well documented. In fact, some of the issues it helps with are those you might not expect.

Tissue Relaxation

This type of therapy benefits a wide range of people from the very young to very old. Relaxing muscles and tissues is a part of a healthy overall lifestyle. Our staff is committed to your health and comfort. If you take a look at the gallery on our website, you’ll see how our atmosphere lends to this sense of peace.

Oshawa Therapeutic Ultrasound Coverage and Processes

It’s good to know that this type of therapy is generally covered under your extended benefits. We recommend patients check their coverage to make sure.

Getting started with this type of procedure is easier than you might think. We like to start with an initial consultation. That way we’ll get to know your medical history and formulate a unique customized plan for you.

Customized Treatment

This is where we get to know each other. One of the most important things is finding out if you’ve got any medical conditions we should be aware of. Every patient gets a customized treatment from there individual therapist at Therapeutic Streams. This is where that starts.

This particular option is good for increasing local blood flow and tendon health. Making sure you’re getting adequate blood supply to all of your extremities is important to your health. This treatment is also excellent for patients looking to have a painless therapy on a sensitive area (examples such as scar tissue).

Looking for Oshawa Therapeutic Ultrasound services? Why not get in touch with us today so we can move the process forward? We’d love to hear from you.