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Athletic Taping

We Offer Athletic Taping in Oshawa Too!

Therapeutic Streams offers sports therapy solutions like athletic taping in Oshawa. We like to think of ourselves as a part of that sports minded community. Everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes take advantage of this service. That means Oshawa athletic taping is a process that’s gaining popularity. Everyday people are seeing positive effects. They tell us how this treatment offsets problems with poor posture, too much sitting at work, and even repetitive motion injuries from repetitive typing. Athletic taping can benefit a wide range of folks across different ages too. This procedure can help in several different ways.

Certain Positions

Our clients have reported they use athletic taping to assist in postural control of shoulder when working in a seated position. Likewise, we’ve also used this treatment to increase proprioception of limbs and injured muscles. After a brief consultation, we will be able to decide on the best way to use this tape to keep muscles or bones in a certain position.
Some of the benefits include reduced pain and quicker recovery times.

When Oshawa Athletic Taping Comes in Handy

Therapeutic Streams has been serving clients in the Durham Region for several years. In that time, we’ve seen many athletic injuries. Using athletic tape can be proactive. It comes in handy as a preventative measure in some contact sports.
It’s the right course of action to support and stabilize joints after injuries and muscle tears. We understand every patient has individual unique needs. In some cases, taping allows athletes to return to action with little or no recovery time.

Wrists and Elbows

There are several areas where this procedure is applied in our facility. Wrists and elbows are two areas that are familiar to us. Many Durham Region athletes come to us meeting an upper limb or shoulder worked on.

The Facility and Staff

Our facility is welcoming, clean and modern. It’s important to us that you are comfortable and relaxed regardless of the treatment you come to us for. We’re proud of our office and of course the staff we have here.

Everyone that works at our facility is accredited. Not only are they friendly and pleasant, they are professionally trained as well.
The complete package. That’s what we like to call our services here at Therapeutic Streams. Book an appointment online. It’s an easy and convenient way to get started on the path to total overall wellness and health.